Computer Vision Online Research Program

How I coordinated a full-fledged research program for students across the globe!

Communicating AI

Artificial intelligence is definitely a hot topic right now, and there’s a huge demand for experts in topics ranging from natural language processing (NLP) to computer vision. I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to work with students, despite challenging circumstances, to develop their programming, scientific presentation, and technical writing skills.

Research Topics

Some of the topics our students worked on included:

  • GANs for fundus image segmentation
  • Multimodal models for diagnosing Glaucoma
  • Creating super-resolution fundus images with GANs

Program Content

Every week I presented on ways to be a good researcher, communicating data and results, as well as excelling at technical writing. You can find all the recordings here!

Please also check out the full program website here.