Deep Learning

Research in Computer Vision

This is an online summer research program I am running to improve your ability to do research in Deep Learning, with a focus on Computer Vision.

A Primer in Python

This crash course in python for absolute beginners is a great place for you to start your programming journey. This class primarily covers data structures, object-oriented programming, reading and writing to files, and much more!

Bioinformatics for Dummies

If you are new to the world of Bioinformatics, then this protocol should be a pretty comprehensive guide for you to succeed in data mining, figure generation, and comprehensive analysis. Imagine this as almost a “Bioinformatics For Dummies” Book. Hopefully, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can take with you into your future experiments and studies!

Intro to Deep Learning

An introductory course for deep learning. Topics range from simple regressions to advanced deep convolutional neural networks. You will also see how classification problems are solved via a variety of deep learning models.

Deep Medicine

by Eric Topol

The FDA Guidelines for AI in Medical Software

Framing guidelines on Artifical Intelligence based Medical Devices for 21st-century healthcare.

Deep Learning for Compressing Mammograms

Here, I compare how autoencoders and variational autoencoders (VAE)s fare when compared to baseline JPEG compression.

Fusical: Multimodal Fusion for Video Sentiment

Computer Vision Online Research Program

Here I discuss how I covered creating program content, revising manuscripts, and listening to my students throughout their learning processing

Topics in Machine Learning

This course is a collection of important topics in Machine Learning. Some topics include Graph Theory, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Message Passing Networks.