Machine Learning

RegenX: an NLP recommendation engine for neuroregeneration topics over time

Working with the Hands-On Machine Learning Textbook

I reflect on my experience with the Hands-On Machine Learning book by Géron, and how it helps me both retain and apply artificial intelligence concepts.

Topics in Machine Learning

This course is a collection of important topics in Machine Learning. Some topics include Graph Theory, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Message Passing Networks.

Aqueous humor metabolite profile of pseudoexfoliation glaucoma is distinctive

Google's Dataset Search Engine

A couple of weeks ago, my lab primary investigator asked me to build essentially a search engine web crawler that would crawl sites like PubMed and others for datasets related to problems in ophthalmology. Just as I was about to write the code, I discovered Google had already built a similar tool in 2019. This game-changing tool saved me hours of coding and catalyzed future research investigations.